Mentor Program

Burke mentors are community volunteers who share their time and talents with the boys at Pathfinders Ranch. Our goal is to provide a consistent, positive male role model in their lives.

Mentors meet as a group with their boys every 4th Sunday of the month to celebrate birthdays, play games, talk, and pray with them. We
encourage mentors to meet with the boys during the month as frequently as their schedules allow. We are not therapists or counsellors;
we are just adults who show up consistently to demonstrate God’s love for these young men.

We assign one mentor per boy and expect that they will maintain a relationship with that boy during their stay. The length of stay varies
based on the boy’s needs, but typically lasts about a year.

Because these boys are in foster care, Child Protective Services requires a background check before we can meet 1:1 with them. You can
start the process by requesting a volunteer application on-line. Submit your contact details and an application and instructions will be
emailed to you.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, but not sure you’re ready to make the commitment, we suggest you attend a mentor Sunday
event. Email us at the link below to schedule a visit.

Yes, these boys are eager to learn life skills, hobbies, and nearly any talent you have to share such as:
• Cooking
• Music (piano, guitar, drums, etc.)
• Auto shop
• Wood shop
• Bible studies

If you have a passion for work projects, there are many to choose from. This is a working ranch with lots to be done.


While our objective is to provide positive male role models to help the boys develop as young men, they crave adult attention. Women
volunteers provide an important and different perspective that helps them mature, learn valuable life skills and social graces.

Email us at: [email protected] to learn more